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inspiration for your creativity

In-house Vintage Vogue Stencils for Workshops

Anchor M0051

Pair of Angel Wings


Arrows and heart

Bath 10 cents

Bless our Nest

Chandelier 1


Clock with hands - 15 inch

Coffee - 100% Coffee - Oval

Coffee - Fresh Brewed Coffee with steaming cup

Coffee - Endless Cup

Coffee - National Brewers Coffee Rosters (Funky Junk)

Compass - N-S-E-W Simple design

Compass Rose - detailed compass



Farm Fresh Milk - DAIRY FARM est 1845

Feathers - assorted

Garden Tools

Gears (great for center of Farmhouse Clocks)

Give Thanks

Growth Chart Sayings

Growth Chart Markings

Harvest with Cornucopia

Heaven - When someone you love is in Heaven

Family Celebrations

Good night - handsome and gorgeous

Grandmother - fall in love again

Grow old with me - 5.5 inch x 28 inch

Heaven - we know you would be here today

12 in x 12in and 16 in x 16 in

Hot Bath 25 cents soap extra

Cafes and Legumes - 16.5 x 26 in

Flower Petals

Le Chocolatier


Mandala 1 x 4 sizes

Mandala 2 - 10 inch

Map - Canada

Map - Ontario

Map - World

Mr and Mrs - 2 stencils

Lotus Flower with Namiste

Nautical ships wheel

New York

Notice Ladies on beach x 2 sizes

Laruel Bee with Paris

Paris with postmark


Peacock Feather


Porch Rules

Postal Stamps - 3

Wine - Red

Tile 1

Tile 2

Tile 3

Truck only

Wine - Chateau Clair label

Wine - White

Baby - word in script

Grain Sack - horse - 1931


Chateau de Beaulieu

Christmas - detailed with truck and tree

Christmas - Cow in wreath

Deer and Moose

Christmas - Farmhouse Christmas

Grainsack in as-de-Calais 1921 w stripe

Christmas - Holly Wreath

Lavender - Herbes de Provence

No Vacancy - with birds on branch

Parfumerie - Eau De Lavande - large stencil

Paris Flower Market

Post Card - Carte Postale

Postal marks - assorted

Scissors - Use Trend Scissors - large stencil

Train Ticket

Christmas - Twas the night before Christmas - detailed

Alpha in typewriter keys

Wine - Merlot in chippy font

Wine Tasting in chippy font

Believe with Star

Believe - fancy script

blessed - fancy script

celebrate - fancy script

coffee - fancy script

cottage - fancy script

family - fancy script

farmhouse - fancy script

gather - fancy script

grateful - fancy script

home - fancy script

love - fancy script x 2 sizes

Menu x 3 styles on one stencil

namaste - fancy script

share - fancy script

tea - fancy script

thankful - fancy script

welcome - fancy script